About Us


Macfitness represents a fitness lifestyle movement. We are bringing bad ass bodies back, with the clothing to match. We don't believe in diets, detoxing and cleansing, or average workouts. We are helping people become better in the complex game of life. All while looking sexy and feeling confident through every step of the process. We are strong, we are unstoppable, we are MacFitness, and we welcome you to join the movement.    



Macfitness is an online fitness coaching and apparel company. It is owned and operated by Shaun McAlevey. Shaun is an ISSA certified trainer, life coach, and  NPC men's physique competitor. 



The Macfitness manager is Sarah Shraiberg. She runs the day to day operations of Macfitness, and is an ISSA certified trainer. Sarah is also an OCB Figure Pro, Ms. Maine Figure, and NPC Figure champion.



We provide clients with the most comprehensive training plans on the market. We understand why most people fail to make progress so we have changed the game by providing bomb proof plans and coaching. Everything is highly customized and tailored to meet every person's needs. By having certifications in personal training, life coaching, and nutrition, all angles are covered allowing people to truly transform themselves both physically and mentally. We also live eat and breathe our techniques and lead by example, not from a clipboard.




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